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Polyphony is a network of community radio stations serving diverse communities across Georgia. Current full members are Radio NOR (Ninotsminda), Radio Marneuli (Marneuli) and Radio Mozaika (Gori). Two other stations, Atinati (Zugdidi) and Hereti (Lagodekhi) are actively involved as partner radio stations to promote the idea of community radio. The project cooperates with journalists from Abkhazia and South Ossetia who make programmes for the network. In this way the network aims to bridge the divide between the Georgian majority population and the diverse communities who are separated by geography, language, social isolation and conflict.

Radio NOR broadcasts online and has been transmitting on 100.1 FM in Ninotsminda since June 2015. The current project is helping to establish a new station in Gori, called Radio Mozaika. The broadcast team was selected after competitive interviews and was trained by professionals from Georgia and the UK. Radio Marneuli and Mosaic are broadcasting online while they wait for broadcast licences. Selected programmes and features from all the partner stations are available on this site,

The network was established by Studio Re, a production house and training centre based in Tbilisi, with support from a UK-based non-profit organisation, Media Training Station CIC . Activities are currently funded by the British Embassy under its programme of support to the conflict-affected regions of the South Caucasus.

The network builds on the work started in 2006 by the then BBC World Service Trust with the support of European Commission. This project created the first community radio stations in Marneuli and Ninotsminda.

Since 2006 support has come from several donor organizations, including the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, the OSCE delegation to Georgia, the Embassy of Canada, and IREX Georgia.